Friday, November 30, 2012

Of V. Wisdom

Again I find myself coming to add a stream of development to an old simple idea. As the Greek Charting to the initial Gamma State, the first thought about guiding my actions would eventually bring me to an extended thought, mainly because Quintessential Wisdom had its own nemesis I had ignored back them. For better of for worse, I will try to deal with it now.

As Quintessential Wisdom deals with more instinctive approaches, such as discoveries and creations I do out of thin air without any actual theoretical knowledge, its opposite approach would have been the analytical knowledge of studying every component, so it’s the Wisdom of Vertices.  See, I’ll keep “V. Wisdom” as a name that is just a response to match Q. Wisdom (hey, there’s even an alphabetical impression here, the way both look pretty different, the sharpness of V always look so modern).

As opposite to Q. Wisdom, this is the knowledge that comes from analyzing cases and situations, so vertices are under control. Thinking about it, I’m the worst when it comes to this, as my range of awareness to vertices is really low.  I can only manage to get along basic leitmotifing in here because of Q.Wisdom and I feel connected themes.

When it comes to dealing with vertices in an analytical way, I find myself in a hopeless situation. Vertices are overwhelming without a quintessential orientation, because there must be around a million vertices we must be entirely conscious of, and that’s frightening.

It seems to me that instinctive knowledge can actually be second nature of vertices we learned through time. So the fact that Q. Wisdom seems to work better for me is that I can just keep studying vertices, as it can be a matter of low skills and little practice that makes my range of vertices shorter.