Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Fire Ensemble (revisited, revalued and pictured)

It’s a whole year now when I first came up with the Fire Ensemble, and I am really amazed by how much it has grown in one year. From that force called Hephaestus now there’s a whole world around him. Actually, in one year it could have been a truly full world, but the creation seems to be increasing exponentially from now as I get the hang of strings.

The members of this team seem to be getting a better definition by now. As they grow into characters beyond deitification of their earlier phases. Áine and Vesta aren’t no longer simple quintessences of love and reason. That has to keep being their main traits, but one can be flawed, the other one can throw tantrums too. That makes them more interesting as I follow the storyside inclination. I am thinking about not having them having much difference of age. Vesta is to be a master of Hephaestus, so she must be a little more aged than him. Something tells me Áine, Trygve and Hephaestus would be the same age, unruly youngsters, while Zhu Rong and Vesta are slightly older, but it’s just one more combination from hundreds I’ve thought already. One day one will serve both the Q. Rule and the first String Scroll.

Also, in the last month, I feel as if they were failing on me. A huge trial was installed for all of them. Hephaestus felt to be the cause of the October disaster, but also Vesta was irresponsible and also allowed it to be uncared-for. Áine has been lacking power too, just like Trygve has been powerless and more prone to vain hate, though he was his prime to be strong in the manner that elected him as a Flame instead of a Scourger. In fact, in the whole situation, Zhu Rong is who somehow remained firm (that is, I’ve been finding energy to face the situations of this brand new life). And since last month, he’s been coming through a significant change. I remember that throughout the year he was the one that was mentioned the least, but now he’s proven his great worth.

Last, I’m starting to slowly develop them from vague thalassic shapes in my mind. It is easy to find an image for them, but I don’t want the Creator’s Paradox to be created. Also, the five flames show Rubik’s Vertices because of their interdependence. There must be a harmony for the five designs, and if I find a picture for Vesta or Zhu Rong, but they can’t be sound off with Hephaestus and Áine.

As for guiding reference, the “team avatar” from Nickelodeon’s Avatar has been inspiring to me. At least the adult version of the original team of Avatar Aang (shown in Legend of Korra). Here is the picture that I will inspire the Fire Ensemble on.

Trygve feels like Toph with this somber, dark green tone. Zhu Rong can be quite like Zuko in his asiatic-themed armor, but with some bluefication. Hephaestus is to be youthful like Aang, but maybe shorter. I feel Vesta has to stand taller than him. Áine has always felt to me like a delicate elf-like, Galadriel-style woman, but maybe that could go against the sixth scroll, which I hope will serve me as a guide for next advances.