Friday, November 30, 2012

Of independent nostalgia

Like any of those vastly in contact with all sorts of communications, we are bombarded with notions of nostalgia, and what the concept means. It’s been mostly 80s and some 90s already, but not all of these are mine. Not all belong to me. In fact, I think it might not be uncommon to find people used with one faint simulacrum of the concept, and I’ve been one of those for a long time.

It’s the idea of crests in here, as one gets to assimilate the nostalgia that is from one’s own past. Some people consider nostalgic feelings only those people talk about like movies and games and happenings from a certain period. Those are the ones that are more easily going to affect most people, because they are more widespread. But the closer we get to our own crests, experiences and memories, the more we are in touch with that special kind of nostalgia that fewer and fewer people are able to share with us.

The reason why I am talking about this is because it takes a certain effort to acknowledge the preciousness of our own independent nostalgia. We are all drawn towards the “big culture” and all that can be shared that we have to teach ourselves how to appreciate our own experiences

As someone who has grown in a small city, I have the curse and gift that is to have in my memories hundreds of experiences that can’t be shared with mostly no one except family and childhood friends (with whom I have little to no contact nowadays). But once one learns their independence of memories, the identification of the true crests can really begin.