Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Selfsourcing

It’s interesting how my mind seems to give something more importance if it feels personalized. The response might be because of the feeling of uniqueness of the place. The service that is offered isn’t like any other we can find, and the material they use is the first part of this process.

This concept is about how one offers things that aren’t common-place, but original. It’s about company that shows independent sourcing. Just imagine if the Coca-cola company had a gmail account for you to get in touch with them. There is a minimum level of this selfsourcing any respecting business must offer in order to get decent regard.

I kept thinking if maybe there could be an equation in this and so be applied to anything that I do here. And so I think, and I give myself some freedom to work on it, and it seems to happen when I have ideas of my own, with the least worldly lessons and teachings for me to depend on. And those I use, I work to have them personalized to my own perception and way of thinking.