Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Dawkins’ Debauch

First things first, my point here is far from talking about god. His existence or inexistence is, honestly, one of my most distant interests. In fact, for me it’s pretty much answered already as a being created from our spiritual needs. Read my texts and you’ll find me pretty much completely an atheist finding my own way to deal with my spiritual needs.

But I hate the work so-called atheists have been doing out there, and I basically don’t like using the definition myself. Lately I’ve been pretty disgusted at the way other atheists are going unreasonable and downright fanatic. It’s too clear to me they’re about to go the prey-and-hunter change of roles if they’re given the chance, and that’s just repeated history for me. It’s a fact for me and end of story about it.

The idea I am talking about here is how religion suddenly becomes the root of all evil. Every single problem in the world comes from it and only the chosen people with a sense of criticism can obviously see how the bible is totally about something that hasn’t existed. This way every literal misinterpretation allows great jokes that are so true but at the same time so poorly thought out. Also, it’s strange how I find more teenager atheists than actual grown-up, enlightened people who don’t assume they know everything about the world.

And the problem is how there are renowned people out there commanding this debauch on religion. There are those like George Carlin who tell us to question everything, but I can’t find anybody questioning him, because the blind adoration becomes overt at times. And there are other scientists also trying to take every chance to make bitter or sarcastic remarks, and I’ll leave Richard Dawkins here mostly to name the idea, but there several people who are working relentlessly to bring religion down when there are several more effective ways to improve the world.

All the credibility I have towards scientists and thinkers or philosophers always go downhill when they express themselves with sharp tongues. It feels to me like lack of maturity when every time the subject comes up one will just go harvesting all of its flaws and mocking its entire existence. I’d be much more prone to be anti-religion if it wasn’t by this sad debauchery on the part of the atheists. I like hearing the voice of all, but extremism strikes no chord with me, and I find it hard listening to those who stand with polemics for the sake of polemics instead of awareness.