Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Fisher’s Frame

There’s a hopeless debility I have when coming to perceiving the world around me. Everything that isn’t just in my immediate surroundings seems to be in a frozen constancy, all the way until I get in touch with it to learn of all the changes that happened while I was unaware of it.

This idea comes from a game, Splinter Cell: Conviction, which I never played. I have, though, watched the gameplay. And as I could notice, when guards would spot you somewhere, suddenly a frame from your position would appear in the place like a ghostly statue and if you would go around the place, the guards would still act as if you were in that last point they saw you. They could only mind that last frame they saw.

When I think about it, that’s pretty much how I picture people. When I last see someone, I’d know it’s probably not right, but unconsciously I think of their life as like that last condition I saw them in. It’s in the next reencounter that I can perceive my mind has also kept them in this frame until it could be updated to a new frozen frame.