Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Humility

There is one lesson I never paid too much attention, maybe because I thought it was well under my control, being humble towards the world. Turns out it wasn’t and it’s just because I did not have an eye on it, because I know it’s something I can be do naturally. What I am feeling is mostly the consequences of the increasing causal adherence I wasn’t careful about.

This is something that I am establishing now as one of my most fundamental axioms, simply because it can me feel so much in peace. It is not to be confounded with notions of conformist acceptance, but knowing how to appreciate what I have. Learning of that lesson a fire in my heart simply burns again.

Seems it’s the axiomatic blast performed by Áine that can defeat Ushag, Avsky and even Frosq altogether (such cool scene I’m imagining). Enough of pride and soul-destroying pressure, we have to accept the place we are in. We have to be happy with the people surrounding us. Living a little more in the present brings me less anxiety.