Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Spinbraking

It’s hard to kill old habits. Some say they never die. But as the obstacles they represent to one’s development, they must be avoided at all costs. The simple revival of old habits in a certain point of our path can bring a tremendous decrease in the dedication and discipline. I know what I am talking about because that’s precisely what I am going through.

There is an old idea that I used to refer to development that is the concept of spins. It’s about how after some time a skill will begin showing first signs of success, and then with practice these spins will increase, until it goes uninterrupted.  The basic idea is to keep trying and trying and making the number of spins increase. The problem is that these old habits shouldn’t ever be underestimated, as they can be very powerful in counteracting the force of the spins.

It feels like one of these motions against the natural flow, and the machinery that was built will be very damaged in the process. It’s amazing the heavy consequence that one little action can bring. And not only that, the cost to be paid to recover is way too onerous.