Monday, December 31, 2012

Of quaint distancing

Is this our history? First single-celled organisms, then evolving and complex life forms, dinosaurs, asteroid, first humans, intercontinental spread, recorded history. The Sumerian, Chinese, Greek, Romans. The dark ages. Renaissance, industrial revolution. World War One. World War Two. Cold War, man in the moon. Globalization, internet. Global Warming. And there you have the story of life and human beings summoned up. So that’s it? There’s millions of things inside that, but I feel weird sometimes about this very solid reality, like it’s missing something.

Once in a while I stumble upon this strange realization when something so mundane gains this aura of strangeness. Things look strange if you look at them this specific way. This world is bizarre if you look well into it.

So this is a name? These letters are what I have been my whole life? We exchanged these little signs for communication? We have our souls touched by something called music? How we get our emotions driven by notes going up and low?

We live in a world with two genders? Men grow beards and women grow breasts? Men have penises and women have vaginas? We go desperate for them when we get horny? This sexual urge makes us lose our reason, and mankind dutifully explores its economic potential?

I wonder how this is related to trances, when I have this strange connection with the world. They seem like… opposites, though not exactly a dual form. Both are a strange form of admiration and fascination, and both require a certain deconstruction of the world. The trances are, however, sort of meaningful, while this is a distancing that I can feel being driven to meaninglessness and purposelessness. Scourgers are eagerly await.