Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Chthonic Scourgers

String scrolls, most specifically the fourth one, is something I’ve been giving some thought lately. I’ve been thinking between fights and dialogues, and it’s one of those logical choices that I don’t know I didn’t see before. Clearly, scourgers attack me when they hit my emotions.

Being affected by them depends more on Alpha and Omega than Gamma and Sigma, because them scourgers are always around. High alpha levels prevent them from gathering a chained downfall, but I always feel them, shadow cloaks sneaking in the corners. All but furtive and menacing whispers; smokey presences that vanish with a scornful laughter.

Even still, while some scourgers can both enact lines of thought and also engage in violent outbursts, the way Wormtongue is mostly the figure in my shoulder being so persuasive and poisonous, there are always these creatures that are too intense for me to expect them to do anything but savagely seek destruction.

They are going to be called Chthonic Scourgers, so I can focus on these beasts that are violence, like Nachzehrer and Sackgasser. They are dormant or chained creatures deprived of the world’s light. Being dragons, tarrasques or cthulhu-like monsters, these are indeed where I can invest in my taste for epic events.