Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Balrog’s Bawl

Lately I have rewatched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I had my eye for my theories while doing it. With the converging advantages I would expect it could enrich my quintessential knowledge with the battles and dialogues to influence my own story. And although this quintessential conversion truly happened and it gives me some zephyrous inspiration for me, the journey brought me an unexpected lesson.

The Balrog scene in the Fellowship of the Ring is probably one of my favorites in the trilogy, and his appearance is amazing beyond description. I simply love when the beast would boost his energy and the red fire and black smoke emanating from him would get so much, much more intense, as if his own shape was more defined, I don’t know. And the quintessential conversion that happened was because when I watched this scene I had an emotional response towards it, and so an allegorical quintessence was created and I felt the scene being brought up to my primary wall of consciousness when experiencing a thalassic response towards something unrelated.

As a potential idea it came as the moment of perceiving a little seed, a thalassic, undefined seed of a response coming from something. Somehow I was able to intensify the response by doing this effect of intensification. The curious thing about it is that by feeling the scene of the Balrog it became easier to emerge the quintessence from deep thalassic levels.

The Balrog’s Bawl can be used as a tool through the use of spells, which is a very unruly technique, though apparently something like a movie scene converted into a quintessence could actually help me with them. But as it’s part of Hephaestus, it is not really strong without the Alpha condition. That is, I have to be at least around the Zeta Zone for it to work, and it’s only with increased Alpha and Gamma that these spells are easier to be cast.