Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Scream

When clouds get too dark over the skies, the imminent event is to enter rain. Whenever a burden of sadness gets too tense, one always needs some effective catharsis. There are moments when I can’t get proud of my scars, or when laughing can’t get through all this crust.

There is a moment for humor, but it can be misused if one is trying to avoid the storm. It can be very useful to eliminate immediate sorrow or clean the ambient, but there cases in which getting deep into it is the best solution. Letting the accumulation of wreckage surface entirely is one of the best ways to get rid of it, and it’s enough if it’s temporarily.

This is similar to the Axiom of Scars, but this is much more about Trygve’s actual spirit than that. The Scars are about the wound that doesn’t hurt, and even if there’s a secret desire to hurt myself, it’s something more exciting than damaging. The Screams, on the other hand, are about getting rid of it from the core.

Although I call this the Axiom of Scream, it means every extreme measure through which I can purge my chest. One of the ways to get it through is with tears, though I find it hard to summon them even with the greatest anguish inside me. Or it can be through violence in art, and it’s when I am feeling closer to the Axiom of Scream that I feel my usual shyness giving place to a much scarier and confident persona.