Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Overcharge Blindfold

I am always constantly expecting to have my mind clean and free enough to work better with my ideas, to make connections in posts more sophisticated, to make everything look smooth and simply decent. But this overloadedness in my mind isn’t something I can just breathe deep and sweep it off. I know it’s pretty much my own fault as my routine made it get shaped like this.

Unfortunately this realization of blinding overload just brought chaos to what I thought was okay. I had the overloaded blindfold, meaning the things we can’t see because we’re too immersed in what we’re doing that we can’t see the obvious flaws in it, but then I think it should be something about the immersion rather than overloadedness.

Turns out there’s now an idea that would pretty much use that name much better, but I’ve used it for far too long to change it now. So I’ll call this one Overcharged Blindfold, and I guess it’ll be fine. Charging might even be more appropriate than loaded. And when I think about it, they are neighboring ideas anyway.

This is the idea of having my mind completely charged so that I can’t keep thinking further. When having my mind overcharged like this, I can’t even reason properly. It’s not even this annoying problem with my emotions, no. Although pressure can overcharge my mind, the overcharged state of my mind is something independent.

It’s only when I can be free from this overcharged state that I can feel like I am boundless to think. In fact, it’s pretty much when I feel free from thalassic chains so I can engage in trances more easily.