Monday, December 31, 2012

Of increasing curve of intolerance to wasted vertices

There is a stream that started some months ago as the idea of escalating irresolubility. It’s the thought that one problem might arise, and then it can be washed off without us even paying attention to it, or escalate into levels of resolution until it is just unsolvable. Thinking of it, it’s actually something pretty explored by humoristic scenes (I keep thinking of Mr. Bean).

Some things we can get through just by standing up against them even if not entirely active; a simple word of manifestation shatters this brittle barrier. But the curve of irresolubility increases and we are required to be more experienced and savvy in order to know of the tricky ways to get through them. There are the goals that require more and more knowledge of subtleties to go around all the specific combinations of buttons to get past them. It’s equivalent to difficulty levels, where every problem gets more and more complicated as more vertices are thrown in the mix and every mistake weighs heavier.

The part where it gets tricky is when there is no tolerance to every slight mistake we make. The wrong word, the wrong gesture and you’re gone. It’s like in job interviews or when you’re with someone who is hard to impress, and every move is being watched and judged. These would be at the highest point of the curve, while there are people who allow us to make mistakes, or in job interviews where imperfect runs aren’t all minutely recorded.

Of course, this is about risk and reward. While it’s no use having friends there at the top, some other objectives are worth the effort. Also, it goes to everything, including my texts over here. There are messages that require a mastery and subtlety for them to be really conveyed, and for readers to get them, unlike other simple ideas that just need one rough attempt at definition. And at the end of the day, these texts that require more of me and that need the wisest choice of words is going to become a much more remarkable piece of work.