Monday, December 31, 2012

Of christmas crest

The Christmas time has always been appealing to me, and it has always meant much more than a capitalist holiday like it’s for most of my friends. At the same time, I can’t say it gives me the feeling of increased generosity, also because I can’t let myself think I can only show kindness in this time of the year. No, it’s mostly a sentimental significance.

The most important aspect of it is the seasonal spice. In my country we have this tendency to commemorate Christmas in summer. The usual heat makes it rather uncomfortable, especially for those people dressing as Santa Claus, but there’s something about the air that makes it feel very captivating to me. One of these things is all these scents in the air, the smell of Jasmine flowers or the fresh smell of cutting grass. There is a special taste about the wind too.

And also there’s this feeling of slavic culture to it, which can be from these pine trees we’d pick for our Christmas tree, trees that I can swear they have to be in a region around Poland or something. But there is some slavic spice over the visual reference of the characters in the Nativity scene figures we used to have, the three kings following the bethelem star, the animals, joseph and mary around baby jesus and the animals around the manger. Also, all these Christmas lights make it look very magical and inviting to me.

But I can’t say that the spirit of present-day Christmas didn’t get to me by any means. No, these absolutely beautiful Christmas decorations of shopping malls have affected me, I can’t deny that. As I also used to visit my grandma in the capital of the state for Christmas, the holiday also has hints of littoral qualities to it. Palm trees, the sea wind, the sound of waves. I wouldn’t say it is much influent on my feeling of Christmas, but it makes me think of how it can be meaningful to me while being so distant from the usual snowy winter season of the north hemisphere.