Monday, December 31, 2012

Of revelations next door

The group walks over the hill and finds a surprising vision.

What scenario is it? How could it be surprising? Is it exotic, defiled, unexpected?

Creating expectation is one of the riskiest but can also be the most rewarding attempts at our disposal. It’s how we deal with the feelings of the audience, and we use it to our benefit, by lowering their guard with some Captatio Malevolentiae and surprising them with a twist that was all planned from beginning. But lately I’ve been seeing a lot of unanswered expectations.

So let’s set to find an “otherworldly” theme. Be it a scenario, scene, character, entity. How can the otherworldly expectation be answered? We need to specifically create something that isn’t like anything in our world, but the world is all that we are.

There’s a mystery or a deep secret. How can the character’s secret kept for so long be in pair with the built mystery? How can it be a secret that can almost be revealed but no one will ever be suspicious of? (hint: crimson gill-bearing animal)

Or then something transcendental and beyond all human experimentation. Are we just going to show a glimpse of it, meaning that is beyond what we can experience is the whole point, or will we dare to be more audacious?