Monday, December 31, 2012

Of influential Alpha and Omega

After months of being under constant Sigma Storm when all my rotten side overflows the sewers and invade the streets, I’ve started recovering with more frequency and stability the Gamma Glow. But what makes the difference between staying with the Sigma or Gamma isn’t exactly something of their own.

Lately I’ve suddenly realized the real important axis in the greek coordinates is the horizontal one. It’s the Alpha and Omega axis. It’s the grand importance of motivation. These are the vertices I have to control in order to manipulate my strength or weakness, because the Alpha and Omega is what will determine the permanence of Gamma or Sigma.

It’s no use trying to get rid of Sigma beings if Omega is the reigning condition. When the Sigma Storm is present, my Flames are easily repressed. But the seek-and-chase is in reverse if I can only find a good reason to stay strong, a good reason to go on and be motivated by that. The Alpha force will let my Flames deal with them like toys.