Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Macrotasting (punched by reality)

There’s a whole world out there, a whole reality that is too distant from mundane routine I inhabit. The life and events that surround me can once a while become so uninteresting that there are times when I look for these events of quartzes. But if I go unprotected, they can be extremely traumatizing.

Unlike Microtasting, which is how I am more frequently enjoying reality, there are experiences that show the world in a larger scale than the small routines that we follow. It’s those impacting moments in life, those experiences that create crests of quartz as we grow.

Macro experiences make us more in touch with the meaning of things, as opposed to the faint simulacrum that we perceive the world when in normal circumstances. For instance, we read about wars, but so few of us know what it’s like. We hear of famine, but we don’t know really know what they are.

It’s with a pint of strangeness and apprehension that I face these events that are too historical and impacting. The macro pressure can also make me grow weary, tired. In fact, there are moments, and they aren’t that rare, when I feel really scared about it. Something like personal traumas.