Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Tasklocking

Analyzing the vertices regarding my doing of tasks, I’ve suddenly noticed there is one vertice that is quite loose. It’s the part where I focus and concentrate. I really have a strong attention deficit, and it really slows down my productivity. If I can get it fixed, it’s one great victory, so I’ll do what I always first do: I’ll give it a name.

Tasklocking is a pretty straight-forward idea, so much it’s amazing it seems to be no returning quintessence. It means not quitting or even letting myself be distracted when engaged in an activity. When there’s the autotelic trance it’s not even an effort, as nothing actually feels like even trying to distract me.

Hopefully it works with the aid of a quintessence. The point is, it’s there for some activities or during certain states of spirit, but not in other moments. I can do it sometimes, a stubborn dedication and discipline. At other times, it’s a quintessenceless and failed attempt.

I am particularly afraid of this being another named idea that it’s hard to connect to because I need this one to have the Whirlpool working. That one didn’t work at first because it was a quintessenceless idea, so I hope the tool to fix that problem doesn’t sport the same defect.