Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Needlework Style

There is a style I am trying to develop in here, and I do it through leitmotifing, chaining and networking. However, I call them individually and the lack of a sense of group makes this style be feebly anchored in my mind. No, even if networking is almost like the main idea I have about the group, it still means mostly one aspect of the whole thing. I need some other name for me to work on it.

I will call it Needlework. It is catchy name and is a nice expression about how I feel when trying to insert connections among these texts. It’s what I think gives my texts a distinct characteristic, and I see a lot of potential in trying to develop this style the more I can. I expect to develop it to an excelsior state, and as time passes and I have more resources in these hundreds of texts written, it will be easier to connect them. There are millions of things to be referenced.

But it’s not only a style, but also a way to keep everything intact. In fact, as the number of texts grow, it’s getting easier to forget the actual reference, even if in my mind I know it’s been dissected or exposed already. So as I try to have previous texts in mind so I can make a reference to them, and having clear names anchored along with the quintessential memory. This way I feel slightly more protected against returning quintessences and having too many different names telling the same thing will always make me lose control way too easily.

One of my concerns about the needlework is about the readers. I think of how they react to my texts, though it’s mostly speculation. My purpose when doing this needlework is to give the reader the feeling of seeing how everything is so deeply intertwined. I hope it could create that giggle of the mind when I am listening to a soundtrack and a known theme is suddenly recognized. I hope reading texts featuring this style feel as nice to see these connections as much as it is nice for me when I perceive them and write these references. One of the points I need to state clear in here is how I need to focus in making reference more about the titles, as they are more likely the readers will remember. So the titles have to be the head of the needle, so even if they have read mostly titles and read one text, this text must bring connections to at least another one, or so I hope it could work like this.

Now, when it’s named like this I have the usual plans of seeing it more clear in my mind, and so I will be able to invest more thoughts on it. It’d be nice to think now I could see possibilities I didn’t before, even though a whole year has passed without much advance and I was never able to make the networking function even as slightly as I expected.