Monday, December 31, 2012

Of extracurricular logistics

I mostly try to reach to all of my thoughts mostly with my memory, so it’s pretty usual I don’t quite remember most of things I have written (though if I look at them I suddenly do). There’s something I had written a long time ago, maybe still in this year, and it was, god, I should have named that idea, it was about following a path that works and ignoring the surrounding things, that accumulate in the corners or something. Damn, I’ll have to look it up.

Okay, it was called “background turned into sprites”. And there you go, that’s the name that will be important to use in here. Sprites. That’s about what feel we can interact in the world. It’s about the vertices that we are conscious about. Most of us follow formulas to get through tasks, and everything besides it is just background. I admit it, I am one of those.

But the right thing to do would be to consider all vertices as sprites. True, it’s impossible to deal with all those elements, but it’s the right thing nevertheless. This way, one’s chance of fixing problems goes beyond the unplug/replug or giving the machine one good kick.

This idea is about doing some more than learning the necessary steps. It’s about knowing how pieces in the Rubik’s Cube move with the set of movements, instead of just knowing the formula to change the cubes into places. It’s about knowing all about your guitar than simply knowing the notes on the bridge.  Or knowing how the engine of the car works instead of just thinking it just needs gas.

Clearly, this is something I only wish I could do, and in a way I am afraid of dreaming with it, or even trying and facing one more painful realization of my guillotined potential. But if there’s something I’ve learned in here, it’s that constant effort increases our range of perception of all these peripheral vertices usually seen mostly as background.