Monday, December 31, 2012

Of isolated vials for inspection

This is a nice place to make a confession: I love staring at the post counter I have in this blog. If I am feeling like I’ve wasted my time this year, I can just come here and see the overabundance of thoughts, the accumulation of words that make for a book already. So although I can admit it makes me feel good, I must also say I am careful not to feel like cheating just to look like doing something impressive.

I am not lying if I say at least ninety percent of these texts have a purpose of existence. They are all honest attempts in trying to understand myself. It’s just that when you think about a subject, and it brings a new one and when you see it’s like this already, the suffocating avalanche of vertices to be analyzed.

It could seem more aesthetically advisable to write as fewer texts as possible, and it’s not even rare that I try mashing up two overly similar ideas in one text, but it feels like luck that the way I’m separating subjects for isolated inspection probably helps me in the whole analysis I am doing, which makes another score for my Q. Wisdom.

The way I am dealing with it helps me focus and only talk about the very subject. And it’s good that although isolated, they’re all connected. If I am just able to make my Needlework more sophisticated, it will look great. However, I can’t do that properly if there’s always more vertices to analyze than I am able to even write about, let alone do the whole leitmofing, chaining and networking.