Monday, December 31, 2012

Of multilayer milestones (for string studies)

In order to get this string enterprise done, I need to keep a very solid method of transforming elements. It’s hard to actually to settle for one method, to know which one is the most effective, and I should not rush to find one,but it’s been getting clearer to me that at least cracks will be well-avoided if I have events in my life understood before the stringing.

That’s how the Quintessential Rule must work, after all. But despite being such an obvious statement, it’s hard to know what will become something in the story. And the point is that I must create those milestones that stand for big things, like second-to-third braudelian levels. Minor events are much harder to string, and are basically a fancy addition.

Once I get the milestones set, it will be better to create the layer of the storyline based on it. And it’s important because the original layer isn’t stained with interpretations regarding the troublesome seventh scroll. For instance, the events happenings in October were recorded mainly as a story called October Wars, which doesn’t explain everything, and the things it does is with the resources I had back them. Two months after and I think it was something different than the interpretation I had back then.

Those milestones are going to be recorded basically like my secret delta files. And it’s because I don’t want that part of my life to be exposed, no. It’s going to be just something for me to use as the outframe for the actual exposition to feel more solid and polished.