Monday, December 31, 2012

Of crest evolution (gems and dioramas)

I rushed into the grounds of dioramas with a dangerous zephyrous enthusiasm. And after that I got into the thoughts of proto-dioramas and soon I realized how short of solid ground I was. So before I was swallowed into the quicksand I am here to try starting again.

See, it’s not like I am taking it all back. It’s not like I have made this many wrong moves. What I am feeling is that I used to have some sort of rope I could use to find my way and so I was pretty much safe from cracks (hint: the rope was the quintessential wisdom). The problem is that I rushed ahead of this rope and I got into too many vertices at once, I even faced the Rubik’s Vertices in the eye. It was tragic, tragic. So I need to find the rope to walk through it safely again.

Major crests are gems, and dioramas are made of gems. So it’s basically an evolution there. I see crests more as individual experiences stamped on my mind. Though gems have their own problems, they have a clear role in this hierarchy. Gems are bodies of similar crests, quintessential marbles that fortunately made it easier for me to identify the crests I already possess. I can easily get confused between gems and dioramas, because I can create a marble out of diorama and call it a gem.

The way I can seem to spot a diorama is when I have very clearly defined gems in it. For instance, there are memories I feel with a strong presence of zircon, peridot and garnet, and it usually comes with an actual memory to represent it, like some squares and parks from brazilian state capital cities I’ve visited before.

So, apparently dioramas are some memories created from several gems. They work like tiles in the scenario in my mind. They behave almost like gems, like they are together forming another independent identity. See, there’s this one, the morning sunstone and field peridots give a very vivid feeling of blue and green. Closely enough there’s some chapel, so there’s some garnet, but it feels slightly slavic, so copper. It’s not the usual garnet, but it’s the slavic copper very closely related to it, plus it wouldn’t be the same thing without the sunstone and the peridot. I think that this is what makes a crest diorama, when it’s sort of easier to be held unaltered in my mind.

Although sometimes I have a scenario in my mind, and it almost feels like a diorama, it wanders off to other scenarios or half of it changes or something of the kind. I wander through these trees with a peridot texture over them, and through them I see a chrysoberyl horizon. The wind blows some spring season beryls. I am feeling a building nearby that feels like Italian architecture, so there is some renaissance/italian copper. Night falls and the sound of crickets bring some malachite, and with the moonstone of the dark sky I am strangely feeling some onyxes too. There is suddenly some amethysts and now aquamarine was brought along, and I went from countryside to the litoral. These are dioramas that are very unstable, so they could be proto-dioramas.

Actually, when I think about it, these proto-dioramas changing seem to be the way one tile leads to another. It feels very interesting, maybe even more interesting than actual dioramas, because I feel everything coming together and changing, like actual dreams changing the scenario constantly. I find it so interesting that I’m almost considering it a Mental Ability, so I could use it for some creative purpose.