Monday, December 31, 2012

Of chaotic and ordering droplets

There I am with my thoughts, my theories, my characters and quintessences, all arranged in structures I believe they can make some sense. I can only hope it can survive my own questions and doubts about its stability, when suddenly comes one little realization that pretty much destroys the order I thought I had.

It baffles me how often one whole structure can be wholly dismounted by this simple droplet of chaos. It’s one character that puts all scourgers in disarrange, so the current story I had becomes disintegrated somehow. It’s the same thing about the gemstones, when one new gem suddenly makes me see a new world of problems that I was entirely unaware of.

At the same time, but much less frequent, there are also some words and little connections that suddenly make the chaotic ambience incredibly ordered. It’s about this deus ex machine device that life can give us sometimes, fixing the puzzling combination that suddenly needs one note or one bigger view of the board for me to see the connecting stream behind.

These droplets make me think of the existence of cracks in whatever I believe is just so solid and well-structured, but just outside there is one unknown element that will shoot down and crash it all. And it’s not like these droplets that help me make me less uneased, as it’s also a sign of a poor vision of the game.