Monday, December 31, 2012

Of thalassic songs

There is a space of stagnation for certain ideas of mine. It doesn’t make me feel much productive as I can’t find new edges to polish and develop and I am mostly simply enjoying its presence. So it’s been some time since I last paid attention to these musical quintessences in my mind. All I could do was to think “yeah, another piece of QMUS”, or however it is spelt in the language of my emotions.

But lately, with this idea of thalassic levels, I can notice something interesting about them. Most musical quintessences I feel happen very faintly on my mind. There I can feel them like feeble and fleeting sparkles. Or a plasma-like feeling awkwardly and timidly trying to engage into forming a shape of itself.

There they are, very faintly, like something that’s out of sight, but letting a little tiny string to be pulled so it will come from these secondary layers of events. These little efforts of trying to push it over to my full area of conscious tasting (and quintessential disassembling and analysis) is actually quite tricky despite being such a simple request.