Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Ground Vertices

Cracks represent the worst problem for those in a hurry. I am in a hurry most of the time, mostly because I am always feeling like running out of it. And I know I can blame myself for trying such shallow dives and incomplete inspection of each subject. And so cracks will shatter every piece of work and make them tremble and threaten to fall apart.

So it’s very usual that I find myself lost in my ideas and without the faintest guess as to how to fix these that are not working straight. These boggy areas are what worry me the most, as I can’t truly follow my instinct through the words, thoughts and feelings that come to my mind and that usually have this glue-ish substance that make me feel I’ve had a nice realization.

These boggy lands, they are specially found in ideas that have lot of elements interacting, and even having new elements coming to the game and bringing chaos all around it. It’s when I think the Q.Rule is not so important and so I go about making scourgers out of everything or I go too deep into gems and dioramas all at once.

The solution I can find for this is by going back to the last place I am sure it’s free from cracks. For instance, as these proto-dioramas are getting me too confused, I better go back to dealing with the first notion I had about crest dioramas. That’s exactly how it sounds, going back to the last save point or checkpoint. That’s some nice use of gamification.