Monday, December 31, 2012

Of chained downfall

One of my main excuses for analyzing myself is that events in my life are easily analogous to historical events, and that skill becomes important outside this introspective place. It’s also one of the reasons why the string studies feel so exciting to me, the way they can bear similarities despite being in a different scale, or a different system whatsoever.

For instance, one of things I am seeing in my own life and that I am most sure it happens in history, is how events interact to form a major change. It’s about these events in first braudelian level being impacting enough, but at first being seemingly unimportant.

In my life, one little mistake I can make can be chained to my insecurity that will make me question my own competence, which can of course hinder my own confidence. This way, one seemingly innocuous error can be just the beginning of every deep crisis I can enter in my life.

It’s strange, though, that one drop that can start the chaos is much more frequent and much more powerful than those that can actually make everything look alright. One of the most unfair arbitrary rules of reality is how destruction is always much more expensive than creation.