Monday, December 31, 2012

Of concentrating hub for creativity

There are many mistakes I do in here, but there’s one thing I seem to be doing right. Of course it can be done wrong within this right choice, never underestimate my capability of fucking something up. Still, the way I am gathering everything together seems to have brought one unexpected positive feedback.

Although I do it mostly unintentionally, having everything so deeply connected gives it an aura I’m starting to enjoy. As I am going to all directions with little steps, it’s no wonder everything is so intertwined. It’s all about thoughts, creation, introspection, perception of the world, absorption, more interception and regurgitation and creation. There’s no way I can simply get out of this, all I can think has a place in here and has its own importance, nothing gets wasted.

And as it all comes from my mind, I can simply feel when a gem or a flame or scourger is getting closer or if they’re the same thing, it’s the principle of the different layers of interpretation. But a little closer to this story now. It’s nice to see I have one world I can try my experiments and stories. And all stories I have can be stored there. All landscapes I can create can be somewhere in there.

This is about how all my creations and thoughts are like one little brick to one main building, which makes it more impressive, I think, than having every other little effort being one lost building in the lands. This way nothing gets lost. No realization, no creation is wasted.