Monday, December 31, 2012

Of thalassic gathering

One little minor element can have an incredible importance in defining the beginning of something like a crisis. It’s like the historical happenings that have major events defining them, and several minor ones as well. I just wonder how many of these minor events might have been overlooked, like the factors leading to the fall of Roman Empire or the beginning or early modern period.

It happens to me, these apparently unimportant events. And these droplets and particles, they are ignored for not being big dogs. But there they are, in thalassic grounds, creating a mutiny in disguise. And then I am damaging myself without my own awareness.

This realization is nice for me now this self-descructive tendency I have has reached its peak, at the same time I am much more sensitive to every act of self-harm, and how one can call the next one and suddenly the gathering is enough for me to reach high sigma levels. Now I can see how listening to one simple song that brings me down can bring me down, and I recall these more youthful days when I’d listen to them and I couldn’t realize how I was unaware about feeding my scourgers.