Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Geometric Modeling

One of the greatest moments in this month was this sudden increase of my drawing skills by practicing the Planner’s Eye. It makes the actual skills rust slower but all in all this fourth specimen of mental modeling is giving me enough ideas that even my slow drawing skills can benefit from.

I’ve been practicing them through some sieging effort, seeing it everywhere, it’s even as if my mind is developing this skill all by itself. These are ideas regarding volume and proportion of shapes and geometric figures. It’s something that I can feel a lot in cartoon characters, specially Disney’s, but this sort of mental modeling of vertices can also be felt in cars and logos and everywhere design and visual creation is used (the modeling can also be applied to colors, tuning up its intensity, or imagining different shades).

That is one of the ideas that have helped me through the crisis of the last month even when I stopped drawing. Seeing those inspirational shapes around me has given me some zephyr winds for me to breath nicely again, and I have the intention of using these ideas for creation of my own imagery after so much restraint of creation and release of reproduction. The breaking dawn of my creativity is happening (if I can just survive this never-ending sigma storm).

Is the capability of seeing objects as blocks, basically. Geometric shapes help me understand the whole silhouette, or individual importance of smaller components. I see objects as a compound of these blocks, each one of them having their own sort of identity. For instance, tanks. The isolated existence of the hull, or the turret (and the position of the hatch), or then the shape of wheels. It’s about seeing the impression they give individually, and then mounting them to give the overall feeling a tank transmits. Or then, a lion head, seeing a triangle between his eyes and the nostrils, and manipulating this vertice (then it becomes vertice modeling). It is also something I see a lot in hairstyles, the way the hair volume plays with the identity of the face.

This is an ability that is very close to the other ones, and it’s something I have to be careful about. It’s very easy for one ability to suddenly become another one and back again. It’s this boundlessness that is very worrying, but only for the matter of categorization, as this is actually what makes new ideas slowly become apparent.