Monday, December 31, 2012

Of self-perception googles

Do other people see what I see? Getting our message through is the most subjective matter of all, simply because it deals with our subject. If we were to know exactly what the other person is going to get from the message instead of always doing assumptions, we’d have communication perfectly figured out. But, eh, getting quintessences transferred is no easy job.

We are all experts about ourselves, though that doesn’t mean being enlightened. We are always but so intrinsically connected with all we are, that there are things that only we can perceive. It’s how one becomes an expert and they can spot things no one can see.

This whole story I am writing, once in a while I feel so proud of it, but it’s because I know what it means to me. I know the meaning of each character because I live and breathe them. For others, it’s just another story. It can call the attention because of these string efforts, but not much beyond that.

It feels to me that if people would feel 20% of the things I feel when trying to convey my messages here, it’s already a lot. If I manage to transfer that much of my quintessence it’s a lot both for me and for them. And here I think of it on the other side of the equation, I wonder how much more intense it was for the artist who made the art I feel so intense already.