Monday, December 31, 2012

Of mysterious trance-enabling crests

The evolution and combination of ideas is something that happens very naturally. And there’s not much I can complain about it as they flow around filling gaps like water advancing over irregular grounds. In fact, I find myself very lucky my mind can do that without strict escort, but that doesn’t mean I should let them go as they want.

One of the ideas that naturally combined for me, and that I find too strangely convenient for them to behave like this, is how trances and crests can go together. It’s not something I associated on purpose just to connect loose ends, but I can’t let myself go through this without some inspection.

Basically, crests have this characteristic that is to call for being experienced, and sometimes answering this call enables a trance. It could be a matter of restraint, as a long forgotten experience, and being recalled usually reminds me of past generations. The trance could come as I remind of past dreams and sources of inspirations. The trance could mean the mending of a broken delta stream.

But the mystery goes beyond that. Some crests might have this trance-enabling power by exerting a demand over my mind that, there in thalassic layers, blocks my capability to engage in autotelic tasks. Apparently this crest will be there, somehow distracting me while I am not aware of it. I am listening only to a thalassic call so it’s hard to go precise about the origin or even actually perceive the call as a call.