Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mindscape #8

Rare are the times I have to feel the sun. But the rarity brings an equation that is the increased intensity of the tasted experience. As the winter comes closer and nights stretch longer, the brightness of the blue sky, the vividness of the green and the warm air of midday sunlight appeal to me.

Whenever I have the chance, I go up to the parking lot on the top of the shopping mall the bookstore I worked at is located. There I can find myself lonely and alive, lovely detached from the human hive (up on the rooftops / I feel so free!). Up from there, I’m free from suffocating stress of the world, and an amazing view is exposed to my eyes.

The long marshlands cover a good amount of this valley. At the left there are some tall buildings from the general direction of the center of the city. But beyond it, there lies the sea between the island and the continent. It looks plain and calm, with dancing blinking lights as it reflects the midday sun. I can’t stop looking at it. Somehow, it means so much to me.

It reverberates some crests of mine. Even some inverted crests, as a shining sea wouldn’t easily be my most defining element. The lightness of this feeling reminds me of the intense beauty of newfound light amethysts. It also takes me back to old selves of mine. Back to ages already gone, passions already forgotten. It’s a travel to past generations.

It’s terribly unfortunate, though, that now I’ve found my fourth safe place for my soul to rest, some security guard told me people aren’t supposed to be in there. Alright then, back to being confined inside closed walls again.

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