Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Masks (for unconscious manifestations)

Along my introspective observations, crests seem to be kept in some form of storage. The stored images and sounds from one’s experiences are later used in less conscious activities, like dreams and regurgitations. These shapes, colours, scents and sounds that express unconscious messages I’m calling Masks.

As the dreams are so throughout believed to be important messages from our unconscious mind, I’m prone to believe the things we see in our dreams are used by the unconscious to express itself. But masks can also be useful in conscious thoughts. For example, it seems to me analogies are possible because of this capacity we have of noticing the mechanics of other systems for expressing ideas that are hard to describe.

The first apparent rule for unconscious manifestation through masks is that it doesn’t seem to care much about being actually understood, other than being just some form of regurgitation. The meaningfulness of dreams over these imagetic regurgitation seems to me more a coincidence than the unconscious mind pledging to be heard. As far as I could notice, the apparent appealing mysteriousness of dreams because of the puzzling use of masks for its uses seems more because they are simply unconscious. We remind of dreams like stories and events being told, when in fact it seems to be more like juxtaposed regurgitations (like mindwalked places, people and events that), which explains why sometimes dreams mean nothing.

The way I feel it in relation to the regurgitation process, it’s just some sort of natural reaction of the mind, responding to the experiences we had. So far I didn’t have the chance to explore much of this natural reaction and its physics, but I’m most definitely interested to see how far I can go by observing those things myself.

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