Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Liber Novus idealization

There’s a certain dryness in my texts that I long to extinguish. As my self-expression efforts are making me practice my own descriptive skills, a certain specialization is being created as I lose the focus on making the texts actually attractive (though in my mind using accurate words would be appealing enough).

A certain embellishment could spice up the reading. And by embellishment I mean doing serious studies while still doing something beautiful. It’s a Jungian notion of reattachment of science and art, of the safe accurateness and appealing mysteriousness.

These are the grounds where I am developing my desired style. The more I spend my time here, the more I’ll explore this quintessence and mine motifs from it. For instance, it’s from here I’ve got Duodominium, Spices and Gusto Effect.

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