Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of increasing self-challenge

The clearest way to achieve my inspirational state of mind is to try doing things hard to do. At least being confident of that, or then, of course, finding myself succeeding (it explains why trances happen more often now as some skills also show more frequent spins). It’s only natural then that I’m constantly bringing myself new ways to challenge myself.

The order here is to make me try to hold the most abilities and qualities at once. It’s the summoning of the Uberflammen. Trying to be energetic, intense, sensitive, cautious, inspired; it’s trying to keep my mind sharp, and also my body. It’s trying to be intelligent, but also keeping a well-kept appearance; being disciplined but not iron-fisted tyrant (which I am, hopefully mostly upon myself). Keeping the duodominium exigencies is sure exhaustive, but at least I feel that’s just the best way to go.

It’s a matter of distraction, actually. The most complex it gets, the higher the amount of things I’m being able to do, the most satisfied I am with myself. It ends up being a matter of doing my best against all odds.

The only drawback is that I can’t bear with going back any step in this escalating development. With that said, it’s clear how scourging it is for my soul to find skills being forgotten or to find time taking some abilities of mine away as generations change.

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