Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Dark Amethysts

Ghosts of past romantic relationships still haunt me. It’s amazing how deep into my mind the pains of the past never vanish, they aren’t resolved, but the only spell my mind can make is to bury them. And then they become forgotten cobwebs that can be triggered up as alive as before (never on my control to summon or destroy). These  themes aren’t never as harmful to me while I live my surface life, but as I go into this exploration of my mind, they can come up inexplicably unresolved.

Those feelings regarding the intensity of love and the issues of romantic relationships are what I call Dark Amethyst. It’s the pure feeling turned thick and poignant. It’s the idea of having all elements related to any form of relationship that I had staining my current reality. This thick steam of crests recalled uncontrollably can be very dangerous as they can still be quite charmful and addictive in their nostalgic power, and for that same reason it bears a high destructive potential.

It’s a great relief for me to have these feelings named, as if I could put them off my chest somehow. It’s not like they will vanish or anything, after all they are crests of mine. It’s easy to say now I’m safe from them, but I wouldn’t like those feelings to disappear, anyway. Not only they’re a part of me, but these quintessences can be so much intense to me that they’re the most likely to spin into these mysterious Musical Quintessences.

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