Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of escalating irresolubility

My routine is a very clear and established one. Things always happen in the same patterns. It’s the safest strategy for organization. It optimizes efficiency and allows increasing self-challenge. But as far as I can notice, some steps of the simple routine can escalate into upsettingly unsolvable problems.

The degrees of resolubility of obstacles is what has been calling my attention lately. In an ordinary routine, some problems happen along the steps, and progress is blocked. I like paying attention to the same problems happening in the same stages, and seeing how sometimes it takes seconds for things to keep moving, sometimes it takes minutes, or then the irresolubility can grow to be irremediable.

This is a very interesting strategy for storywriting. In the beginning of the stories, a small detour in an ordinary routine, a small dot unexpectedly showing on radar can be an overlooked sign of a problem that can escalate into very critical situations in the plot.

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