Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Overcreation

My mind is overflowing with creative energy. But I know of the dangers it carries not to be disillusioned by it. While in the past it would be the ultimate accomplishment, now I’m aware of its aftergoal consequences. Without restraint, these overcreation issues are more a motive for headaches than glory.

Dealing with this overabundance of names and ideas becomes much more tiresome when some of them are creative missteps and the cracked decisions remain to haunt me. I have to contour these these deranged creations, as they seem only to bring short-term satisfaction.

Being careful with returning quintessences is now becoming too frequent to become almost become tiresome. Mostly because of the Fire Ensemble, as the flames are supposed to encompass most of what I feel. While these winds of creation aren’t being controlled, they bring an accumulation of returning quintessences that aren’t being resolved in time. The result is an increasing snowball of incompatible inventions over creations already thought of.

However, I must not think of the Overcreation strictly as a mindtrap. It’s something inherent of me, my quality and also my flaw. In the past it has been harmful, and I haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m slowly learning how to control it.

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