Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of behind-the-curtains

Dreaming is a constant activity of my mind. Going about wild reveries is so easy to me I find it hard to see others having difficulty to create. But as a compensation for that my ability to make my dreams real is laughable. So my dreaming is, at the end of the day, awkwardly useless.

In the real world, ideas have to be practical and somewhat possible in order to be accepted. The logistics in the world reduce the applicability of ideas to an extent that hurts the hearts of us dreamers. But overcoming limitations is one of the things that make my dreamer side warmly challenged.

More than the prospect of having my ideas materialized in a way that is the closest to the project in my mind, I like understanding the circumstances that can be limiting to a satisfying conclusion to the project. Almost as much as choosing the right colors for expressing the ideas, I like seeing how the paint closest to my vision reacts to different surfaces, which textures reflect light the way I expect it to. Or then making the best artistic choices within the lowest budget, which can be a Nuclear Victory.

The making-of that apparently nullifies the magic can be almost as magical to me, as it represents the witnessing of seeing a dreaming coming true.

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