Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Wehmut Process

To balance out the abilities my mind can come up with, there’s always stupid things I’m just incapable of doing. For instance, in disregard of mindscapes, I’m sometimes truly unable to taste things. It’s as if I needed inspiration for them to be felt and enjoyed intensely. I don’t know.

Anyway, my mind only makes my conscious side unable to feel them. Right below, these experiences are being recorded, and then only later they can be felt. I know this happens because of this effect I’ve called Wehmut Process. It’s been mentioned frequently around here, but it’s only now it feels good to be dissecated through writing texts (though this Double-Three Rule is making the dissections rather shallow).

The Wehmut Process is the development of the experience towards a memory of that experience. I generally perceive it as an installed memory or crest through the feeling of noticing the impact of the experience later, in future generations.

The effect is usually a longing to return to this experience (hence the german word). An early sign of the Wehmut Process is of an approved experience. If we are to take another spoon from that ice-cream, or listen to that song one more time, the wehmut process is already under way.

It’s sad to think there are things I can only truly taste after they’re gone. Once in a while I can feel one of those barely-perceptible mindscapes and right in time know they’re going to become some crests, and so, by foreseeing the forthcoming Wehmut Process I can enjoy it a little more. But still it gets to be empowered only after the crest is recalled. And it is a bitter taste close to the neighbor mindscapes, as it feels like belonging to a life that is not mine. The Outsider Complex is always around.

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