Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Martial Methodism

There’s something that makes some names work magnificently, while others don’t. I don’t think it’s the Trance or the Quintessential Rule that determines the efficiency of a chosen name.

As I’ve named dozens and dozens and dozens of ideas here, there has been names of all kinds, and still each case was unique. There were names that were perfect at the moment, but not so much later. There was also the opposite, names that seemed silly but later revealed to work fluently. Some names worked well for some time until they stopped working somehow.

It looks to me I should control myself before severe namedropping, but it’s not like avoiding this overcreation would be the best resolve. In martial exercises, for instance, the more names I use, the more opportune. Sometimes what makes names work are their frequency. If I’m involving myself in any kind of analysis, recognized patterns will come and go and for that any kind of name.

Realizing this makes somewhat more tranquil about these naming issues. While I don’t think the abusive naming I find in old texts of mine had any hint of needed caution, at least I know it was an attempt to take part in this kind of analysis that brings very positive results in comparison to the drawbacks.

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