Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Networking (Chaining’s evolution)

Leitmotifing is a gathering skill that is constantly making me find new edges for me to be entertained with. But it has some puzzling side effects. I can find these connecting points among the texts, mostly by feeling when they are neighboring each other somehow, but now I’m finding just so many connections that having them displayed is now a big trouble for me.

Turns out I have to bring in a new effort: an attempt to understand these connections and distribute them in they bring interesting effects in sequentiality. It’s this effort I’m calling Networking.

Hopefully Leitmotifing, Networking and some eventual use of Chainposting is going to be enough to keep it going. If these three can’t take the burden, new ideas will have to be brought to work on the problems. This is, I’m starting to realize, one of the laws for motif-making.

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