Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of accusations of cracked decisions

My mind doesn’t accept the decision of the Tactical Exile. Maybe it’s because I can feel the cracks in sincerity. Maybe it’s some bending for comfort, to deal with a Nuclear Defeat in the easiest way, but thinking of it logically, it’s sure the best tactic I have.

While my mind punishes me under accusations of bending, maybe the bending is needed, so that I can be more patient. I don’t really want to face some of the worst issues, but it’s because I’m smart enough to know I’m too unprepared for the world.

Hell, I can’t even take control over myself, I’m going to be obliterated if I go out right now. If there’s any harmful bending, it’s this vice to keep this self-punishment over every petty little thing.

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