Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Unfooled Valley

It’s getting clearer to me now what the future is saving for me (or so it seems). I can keep improving while I’m making ideas for myself. However, I know the hardest part of it all will be making it to the other side of the valley where there’s academic acknowledgements and scientific accomplishments and where important things are.

While I’m toying around with my ideas, no one will come and say they’re worthless. After all, they’re pretty much layman wonderings and I’m no menace for others, so let me have some fun. But if I’m to go around claiming my work to be science, for instance, then I’m going to be bashed mercilessly. After all, I can convince some, but experts are always to be around to perceive flaws only they can spot so well.

This idea is analogous to the famous uncanny valley, when there’s this dreaded gap I must cross to get to my ambitious results. Some stay behind and conform to the possibilities before the valley. But as ambitious as I am and I dream of achieving a state of excellence, then I am being carried by the winds through it. But what if these winds of fortune disappear along the way? Going back to the safe side again would too humiliating for me.

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