Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Dreiberg’s Blindfold

Reading my own texts can be a very interesting experience. It can be useful to make realize how silly I used to be, but also can show how disoriented I were. During most of last year I was writing whatever came to my mind. Now I am finding myself getting more, say, focused on the ways to develop myself. Not that it comes without its price.

It turns out this certain specialization can become a vice. If I’m not careful about it, I might very well lose this flexibility of mine I always treasured. If I’m not careful enough, I can end up as plastered as the academic teachings I used to have and now I despise.

The difference between Dreiberg’s Blindfold and Dreiberg’s Deception is subtle, but I was cautious about it. The Deception would be the eventual tastelessness of the studies, while the blindfold can feel as tasteful as before, but the changes can be overseen as the harmful vices will come unobserved.

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