Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of prizes of the recovered life

There are some hopeless situations in my life that make me incapable of perceiving any sort of future for me. It’s as if there can be no recovery for my fall. The drained energy makes me grieve with the prospect of not being able to keep marching again.

It’s easy to remember I’ve been through dead-ends so many times before, but I have the inability to recall the struggles of past generations. Mainly when I’m so out of energy that life seems a constant struggle to harvest strength to resist the pressures, that maybe giving up isn’t such a bad idea. After all, it has not always been actually a choice of mine to start crossing this uncanny valley to success – I’ve suddenly found myself there.

But somehow new refreshing winds always appear to carry me. New tastes of life make me so relieved that the strength is every time more valued when it’s recovered. The regained interest and inspiration are to be used like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, there will be falls again and I will lose it again. But next time I’ll be not only strong enough to be prepared for the falls, but willing to look for them.

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