Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of mistakes luckily recorded

It’s very poignant to me, putting myself in this condition. Writing for this blog and having my ideas shown to the world and letting my failed attempts to develop myself and understand what’s going on always bring a disturbance to my mind.

Even if I could consider my current state developed enough to captivate the benevolence of my readers, still there’s the issue of having all these past months full of clumsy texts and balled up ideas. If I was doing this secretly and if I were to find my goals, then no one would ever find the mistakes I’ve made. However, I don’t intend to erase my past, or to hide it again. Somehow, I think it might not be something incredibly bad, after all.

There’s the possibility I’m bending my mind for comfort, but I’ll have to try it to avoid this disturbing factor getting in my way always too often. Still, I have to count on the chance of having any sign of development to be spotted. If that’s a positive, then the chaotic and truly underdeveloped state from when I begun would actually serve me some good use as if it could be an encouragement to others.

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