Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Samples of New Horizons

Vices are dangerous for the experimentation of the world. Thanks to them, we might become unaware of new things to be explored and felt. But here and there in the world there are people, places and pieces of art that can always make us feel with a broadened view of the world.

Though they can be found every everywhere, it’s in nature that I can find them more easily. Finding these samples is always a pleasure, because of their inspirational consequences. As they loosen our vices, they make our senses cleansed again.

They bring zephyrous winds that show us how wide the possibilities for manipulation of vertices are. But they don’t need and won’t even be able to show all these new possibilities. Not like they even need to, and that’s their charm. They only have the apparent capacity of hitting our strings the moment we needed them.

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